Math and Science

MIT Concourse – Math, Chemistry, and Physics

The regularly scheduled science and math classes that we teach during the year are:

Fall Term

CC.801/CC.8012 Physics I (Mechanics)
CC.1802 Calculus II
CC.181A-CC.182A (Calculus)
CC.5111 Principles of Chemical Science

Spring Term

CC.802/CC.8022 Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism)
CC.512 Organic Chemistry
CC.1803 Differential Equations

These courses stress technical competence in handling the material as well as the intellectual grasp of it. In scheduled as well as informal recitation sessions, the students may practice their mastery under guidance by faculty and tutors. In Concourse we can look every week at how you are doing in all your courses, and your teachers all talk to one another, as in any small school. As a result we generally detect any difficulties quite early, and we can avoid the classic MIT problem of work “piling up.” Classes in Concourse are at least as rigorous as the mainstream versions, but the approach is very personal, and the road to achievement can be made much smoother.