Student Comments

“Joining Concourse was definitely the best decision I made my first year! I made some of my closest friends while struggling through orgo psets, and I’m so thankful for this community that lets us express our love for the humanities and sponsors any random study break ideas we have.” —Kathryn Tso

“One of the best decisions I made freshman year was joining Concourse! I was able to make amazing friends who wanted to have meaningful conversations about the world with me, which is sometimes difficult to find otherwise at a tech school. Also, Concourse has amazing food and wonderful professors, and is an overall great community to be a part of!” – Alisa Hathaway

“Concourse is a close-knit community of genuinely inquisitive students and teachers.” –Alana Lidawer

“Our discussions about time-travel inconsistencies in pop culture, Socrates’ exasperating antics, the distinction between human minds and biochemical reactions, and all sorts of deep stuff add a special, exotic, and uniquely Concourserian flavor to the entire MIT experience.” –Jason Tong

“I just spent two hours with a Concourse professor this morning just going over old concepts — something very rare, especially for freshmen, at any university. But all of the Concourse staff are that accessible. And they are people you want to know.” –Jordan Mlsna

“Concourse’s humanities classes opened my eyes to the enthralling world of philosophy. By virtue of its small class sizes and individualized attention, Concourse’s humanities courses are dynamic and inspiring. Not only did I learn about masterpieces by philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle, but I also learned how to think critically about my priorities, direction, and purpose in life.” –Erika Trent

“Concourse for me almost felt like a small liberal arts school at MIT. I never expected to find myself sitting around a table discussing Plato and Aristotle, and actually enjoying it!” –Bruno Faviero

“Concourse is a community of supportive students and staff who want to make the first year of MIT more engaging and personable.” –Julia Sun

“Concourse has offered me the opportunity to explore the broader significance of the technical knowledge I learn at MIT.” –Jean Xin

“Concourse made my transition to college much easier without making class material any less challenging.” –Lucas Schiefelbein