What is Concourse about?

Concourse is a unique program for freshmen within MIT. It focuses on integration of the disciplines, teaching math and science within the broader human framework.

Highly dedicated teachers teach small classes that permit a truly interactive learning environment.

What are the requirements for participation?

To be admitted to the program, you must first complete the two part application process. This includes an application through our website as well as the Advising application all students complete. This process changes from year to year so please check back for specific details in the spring.

Once selected for the program you will be assigned a Concourse advisor and they will work with you during orientation to develop the best course schedule for you. In order to remain in Concourse you must participate in the Friday seminar, enroll in one of the HASS offerings, and take one additional class within Concourse.

Does being in Concourse mean that you can’t take classes outside the program?

No. Only three core courses (including the seminar) need be taken within Concourse in the fall and spring semesters. In order to complete General Institute Requirements (GIRs) Concourse students will take at least one “mainstream” class with some students opting for more.

Is Concourse only for freshman year?

Yes, you must be a freshman to be in Concourse, but, many of our students return and play active roles in the greater Concourse community as upper-class mentors, tutors, and graders.

Are Concourse classes scheduled so that they do not conflict with important classes in mainstream?

We do our best to schedule all lectures and recitations around popular mainstream classes. This effort is generally successful.

When should I register for Concourse?

You need to sign up for the Concourse Freshman Advising Seminar through the advising application before the June deadline and complete our applicaiton. Please feel free to drop by building 16 to talk to us.

What are the main advantages?

Unique experience of rigorous technical learning within a broad, humanistic framework. Education for leadership and freedom. Small class size. Community. Individual attention. Nightly tutoring. Instructors who know you as a person, and not just by name. Twenty-four hour access to the lounge and kitchen.

Are Concourse classes “remedial” versions of mainstream courses?

No. Our classes are as rigorous and demanding as any of the mainstream versions, and fully prepare you to succeed in whatever major you choose. Indeed, our Science Core will maximize your freedom of choice in your major field; and our offerings in our humanities courses provide you with a solid grounding in thinking, reading, and writing.

Does Concourse offer a CI-HW?

No, at this time Concourse does not offer an exclusive CI-HW, but, we have made special arrangements with the Literature department to hold spaces for our students. If you are serious about joining Concourse and have a concern about this please contact us and we’ll discuss your options.

Who oversees Concourse, and can I contact someone directly?

Program Director Professor Anne McCants can be contacted at amccants@mit.edu
Program Administrator Paula Cogliano can be contacted at pcog@mit.edu or via telephone at +1-617-253-3200.