Concourse Academics

The Concourse program offers courses from both the technical and humanities side of the MIT General Institute Requirements (GIRs). For the Science Core, we offer math, physics, and chemistry. We also offer a variety of humanities electives, including some that fulfill the Communication Intensive-Humanities requirement (CI-H). In addition, our Friday lunch seminar brings together all aspects of our curriculum and poses big questions that cross the disciplines.

More information about specific classes can be found in the course catalogue.

Credit and Grading

Credit, quizzes, problem sets, papers, and exams are handled in exactly the same manner as in the mainstream curriculum. In accordance with MIT Rules and Regulations of the Faculty section 2.62, Concourse does not grade on a curve. Students are assessed individually, and there is no predetermined grade spread in any subject.

First Year Students

With few exceptions, Institute-wide rules limit first year students to 54 units of credit in the first semester and 57 units in the second semester.

In the fall, first year students are graded under Pass/No Record where D and F are not passing. In the second semester, they will be graded under the A/B/C/No Record system.

Concourse offers standard versions of physics, chemistry and math, but in a unique setting. This ensures that our students can take most of their classes within Concourse. However, to help students adapt to the mainstream style of classes we only require that they participate in the Freshman advising seminar (CC.A10), one of our humanities offerings (see Humanities page for details), and one additional course in the fall. We do not currently offer Biology, which is a General Institute Requirement (GIR) and recommended for the first year. Based on the class schedule in Concourse and the recommendation of that department, the typical Concourse student will take Chemistry in the Fall.

In the Spring semester we require enrollment in the Friday seminar (you can read more about this on our seminar page) and one additional class from the variety of options available. We continue to offer chemistry, math, physics, humanities classes, and some seminars available to both freshmen and upper-class students.