Freshman Advising

One of the benefits of joining Concourse is our unique approach to advising. Advising in Concourse is a community activity that takes many different forms to best support the diverse needs of our first year students. The staff and faculty of Concourse work both individually and as a team to counsel students on academic decisions, life at MIT, and directions for the future. All members of Concourse participate in the weekly lunchtime seminar on Fridays allowing for richer relationships between students, advisors, and faculty.

Each student is assigned an advisor and an Associate Advisor (an upper-class student from Concourse) in the program but the staff and faculty work in collaboration to ensure that students are supported. This means that Concourse students actually have a team of seven advisors with various skill, strengths, and areas of expertise. Weekly records of your progress in Concourse classes are made available to you and your advisor. This helps to ensure that students can identify problem areas sooner and get the help they need to be successful.