Student Achievements

We recognize the many awards and achievements of our students. If you know of somebody we’ve left out, please let us know!


  • Max Langenkamp (Burchard Scholar)


  • Tony Zhang (Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, Physics and Mathematics)
  • Rona Wang (Burchard Scholar)
  • Isabelle Yen (Burchard Scholar)
  • Whitney Zhang (Burchard Scholar)


  • Kerrie Greene (Albert G. Hill Prize)
  • William Caruso (Frederick Gardiner Fassett, Jr. Award)
  • Ian MacFarlane (Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, Physics)
  • Claire Simpson (Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, EECS)
  • David Vaccaro (Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, Chemistry)
  • Talia Weiss (Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, Physics)
  • Emma Bernstein (Burchard Scholar)
  • Mehitabel Glenhaber (Burchard Scholar)
  • Anna Kazlauskas (Burchard Scholar)
  • Joseph Zurier (Burchard Scholar)


  • Vincent Anioke (Louis Kampf Writing Prize in Women’s and Gender Studies)
  • Darnell Granberry (Freshman Excellence Award for Leadership)
  • Talia Khan (Freshman Excellence Award for Performing Arts)
  • Charlie Andrews-Jubelt (Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa)
  • Zachary Bierstedt (Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa)
  • Ani Chilingirian (Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa)
  • Rebecca Luoh (Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa)
  • Brandt Nelson (Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa)
  • Annie Chen (Burchard Scholar)
  • Anshula Gandhi (Burchard Scholar)
  • Tinna-Solveig Kosoko-Thoroddsen (Burchard Scholar)
  • Ian MacFarlane (Burchard Scholar)
  • MJ Porzenheim (Burchard Scholar)


  • Kevin Castro (Undergraduate History Writing Prize)
  • Kerrie Greene (Freshman Excellence Award for Leadership)
  • Mary Jane Porzenheim (Freshman Excellence Award for Academics)
  • Kevin Castro (Burchard Scholar)
  • Stephen Tang (Burchard Scholar)
  • Sarah Wharton (Burchard Scholar)


  • Alexander Springer (Schwarzman Award)
  • Charlie Andrews Jubelt (Burchard Scholar)
  • Vincent Anioke (Burchard Scholar)
  • Leyatt Betre (Burchard Scholar)
  • Christopher Sanfilippo (Burchard Scholar)


  • Halide Bey (Burchard Scholar)
  • Emily Kellison-Linn (Burchard Scholar)
  • Kelly Kochanski (Burchard Scholar)


  • Caroline Shinkle (Burchard Scholar)
  • Erika Trent (Burchard Scholar)